Mandrake Shirt - Ladies Cut Tee


Mandrake Shirt - Ladies Cut Tee


Don’t just be stylish, be 15th century stylish with this amazing anatomical drawing of Mandrake root from the Hortis Sanitatis published in 1491.

This root human-like appearance and hallucinogenic properties, led to an assortment of fascinating myths. One of the more well known myths is that if pulled from the ground the root’s screams would immediately kill you.

Not only will these shirts NOT kill you when you wear it, they are made with extra soft high quality material will make you feel at ease.

Shirts are high quality Bella+Canvas tshirts. 100% Cotton and with a stylish fit. 

Domestic orders typically arrive within 7 business days.

Sizes marked “PREORDER” can take 3-5 weeks to arrive.

'Hortus Sanitatis: mandrake.' . Credit: Wellcome CollectionCC BY

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